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Dog Cemetery

Dog Cemetery at Cranmoor Farm, Toms River

John Peter Haines, owner of the Cranmoor Farm at the turn of the 20th century, was an avid animal lover who showed his love for his dogs by giving each of them a gravemarker after they died.  Haines also showed his concern for animals as a prominent member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), an organization of which he eventually was elected president.[1]

Photograph of the cemetery taken sometime in the 1970s (source unknown)

Cranmoor Farm, located on Washington Street, later became the Cranmoor County Club,[2] bringing golf to the Toms River area.  That venture failed, but the property was later purchased, and the new owners opened the Toms River Country Club, which is still in operation today.

 Cover of the Cranmoor Country Club Brochure

Below are some photographs of how the cemetery looks today (2011)

Below are the names and gravemarkers of the dogs.  There are likely more, but some of the stones are now gone.

Binx (1900-1905)

Bully (Unknown)

Czarina (Unknown)

Dinah (b. 1881)

Don (1876-1882)

Fritz (1896-1912)

Harold (1877-1885)

Jimmie (d. 1903)

Joyful Billy (1903-1919)

Judy (1876-1885)

Jura (1881-1884)

Lohengrin (b. 1881)

Maud (1877-1883)

Tilly (d. 1881)

Toodles (b. 1877)

Uno (d. 1880)

VIX (b. 1879)

Rusty (1949-1961) (Not one of Haines's dogs)

Below are some overview shots of the tree under which the cemetery lays, and of the golf course that surrounds it:

[1] ________, Recent Deaths: John P. Haines, New Jersey Courier, July 1, 1921.

[2] Cranmoor Country Club Pamphlet, date unknown.

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