The Ocean County Compendium of  History
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Index H



   Alternative Medicine
        Magnetic Healer
        Captain Benjamin Crane
        Homeopathic Medicine
        Transcendental Meditation

        Frozen Eyeballs

        Dangerous Tooth Pull
        Kirk & Brouwer Dentistry
        George T Crook, Dentist

    Doctors (list is incomplete)
        Howard Allen
        Zdenko Arsenijevic
        James Balangee, Sr.
        J. William Bichler
        Henry Bromley
        Allen K. Brouwer
        Frank Brouwer
        Edwin C. Disbrow
        Harold B. Disbrow
        Lem Reffets Disbrow
        Stephen Morgan Disbrow
        Irwin H. Hance
        G. Augustus Hankinson
        Phineas K. Hillard
        Samuel Loveman
        John Messenger
        Theophilis Townsend Price
        Jerome Rogers
        Emanuel Sickel
        Raymond Abbott Taylor
        Charles F. Woodward
        Doctor’s Circuit

    Health & Welfare Services

    Health Aids

    Health Department

    Hospitals (list is incomplete)

    Mental Health


    Miracle Cures
        Mute Boy
        Medicianal Cranberries
        Medicianal Spring Water

    Nursing Homes
   Nursing Schools
        Ocean County College
        Whiting Nursing Program

    Ocean County Medical Society Auxiliary

    Ocean County Medical Society

    Physical Health

    Red Cross

Heritage Trail

Hidden Treasure
    Buried Treasure Found on Cranmer Farm (1922)
    Captain Kidd
    Pirates on the Atlantic

Historians & Archivists (In alphabetical order - list is incomplete)

    Steven J. Baeli (b. 1960)
               Burlington County College
               Ocean County College
               Berkeley Preservation Society (founder)
               Ocean County Preservation Society (founder)
               Ocean County Historical Society (Life Member)
               Monmouth County Cemetery Project
Ocean County Cemetery Project
               Ocean County Compendium of History

    Gerald Beer
          Amateur historian focusing on Berkeley Township

    Nathaniel Bishop (1837-1902)
          Bishop Memorial Library, Toms River (1941-1977)
               Four Months in a Sneakbox (1879)

               Pampas & Andes - A Thousand Miles (1869)
               Voyage of the Paper Canoe (1878)

    Leah Blackman (1817-1886)
Old Times: Country Life in Little Egg Harbor Fifty Years Ago
               History of Little Egg Harbor, Burlington Township, NJ
               Blackman Revisted

    Patricia H. Burke
               Ocean County Historical Society  Curator
               Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission (Curator)
Book Publications
                    Barnegat Bay Decoys and Gunning Clubs (1993)

    June Daye
               Ocean County Bureau of Publicity
                    Jack Lamping
                    Four Score Years & Ten
                    History of Universalism in Lacey
                    Out of the Old Briar Pipe
                    Who Founded Toms River             

    Gene Donatiello
               Brick Township Historical Society

    Thomas P. Farner (b. 1947)
                    The Forgotten Years: From Yorktown to Paris, 1781-1783 (1996)
                    New Jersey in History: Fighting To Be Heard (2007)
               Newspaper Articles
                    Flights of Fancy
                    The Fantastic Voyage
                    Shenandoah's Last Trip
                    Los Angeles Weathers Disaster
                    The Akron - A Jinxed Ship
                    Akron Falters Off Island
                    Akron Rescue Effort Turns Tragic
                    Emergency Repairs Over the Atlantic
                    The Hindenburg
                    The Towering Inferno
                    Last Look at Hindenburg
                    Thomas Paine
                    Alexander Hamilton
                    Joshua Huddy Affair
                    Was Moody Doomed to Die
                    Moody Chooses Escape or Die
                    Moody Tampers with Mail
                    Joining Forces with a Traitor
                    Getting to Know Real Joshua Huddy
                    LBI Massacre - New Source Found
                    Was Huddy Hero or Villain
                    From Failed Farmer to Patriot Hero
                    Neighbors Clash in War at Shore
                    Complications of War
                    War at the Shore Intensifies
                    War at the Shore
                    Demise of John Bacon
                    LBI Massacre & Battle of Clamtown
                    Ocean County's Huddy Story on Net
                    Redcoats at Tuckerton
                    William Newell
                    Racing Time To Save Historical Tavern
                    Forgotten Town on a Forgotten Road
                    Lost & Found - Cear Bridge Tavern
                    Old Cedar Bridge Tavern Hangs On
                    One Man & His Mission
                    A New Champion Takes Up Cause
                    Fighting To Be Heard (pamphlet)
                    Tuckerton Gets Full Spin Treatment

    William Henry Fischer (1867-1935)
               Owner & Publisher of the New Jersey Courier Newspaper
                    Biographical Cyclopedia of Ocean County (1899)
                    Toms River Block House Fight, March 24, 1782 (1927)

    Alexander B. Fist
          Jackson Township
          Jersey Devil

    Sister M. Christine Geis (b, 1919)
               Georgian Court: An Estate of the Gilded Age (1982)

    Tim Hart
          Cedar Bridge Tavern Project
Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission
          Stafford Historical Society
          Tuckerton Seaport Society

    Robert Jahn (1948-2010)
Down Barnegat Bay: A Nor'easter Midnight Rider (1980)

    Gustav Kobbe (1857-1918)
Jersey Coast and Pines

    Dr. Marilyn Kralik
          Buying Barnegat Bay (dissertation) (1992)
          A Century of Art (1850-1950): Ocean County Artists and Their Works
          Ocean County Historic Sites Survey (1979)

    Jack Lamping (1915-2009)
          Long Beach Island Board of Trade
Monmouth-Ocean National Conference of Christians & Jews
          New Jersey Association of Counties
          New Jersey Association of Freeholders
          New Jersey County of Government News Magazine
          Ocean County Historical Society

          Ocean County Office of Publicity
          Ocean County College Foundation
          Salvation Army - Toms River
          Toms River Student Loan Fund
United Way of Ocean County

    John Bailey Lloyd (1932-2004)
Eighteen Miles of History on Long Beach Island
               Six Miles at Sea: A Pictorial History of Long Beach Island
               Two Centuries of History on Long Beach Island
          Newspaper Articles
               Mr. Lloyd wrote several hundred articles for the Beach Haven Times

    Wilfred "Bill" A. Mack (1886-1980)
               Forgotten Fighters-The History of the 41st Aero Squadron (1971)
                    Cross and Cockade Magazine

    June Haywood Methot (1923-2003)
               Up and Down the River
               Up and Down the Beach
               Blackman Revisted

    David T. Miller Sr. (1925-1999)
          Jackson Township Historical Society
          Jackson Township Clerk

    Pauline S. Miller (1918-2011)
          Ocean County Historical Society
          Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission
               Century of Art: 1850-1950
Double Trouble: A Pine Barrens Preserve
Dover Township 225th Anniversary Historic Journal
Early History of Toms River and Dover Township
               The Great Sedges
History of the Toms River Presbyterian Church
               Ocean County: Four Centuries in the Making

               Three Centuries on Island Beach

Elizabeth Morgan (1913-2004)
               Elizabeth Meirs Morgan
: Historian, Botanist, Environmentalist
               Christ Church, Toms River, New Jersey 1865-1965

    Ricky Riccardi (b. 1980)
               What a Wonderful World: Magic of Louis Armstrong's Later Years

    Edwin Salter (1824-1888)
               A History of Monmouth & Ocean Counties (posthumous)
               Old Times in Monmouth: Historical Reminiscences (posthumous)

Cynthia H. Smith
          Ocean County College
          Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission
          Ocean County Historical Society
               Evolving Commitment: Story of Health Care in Ocean County, NJ
               Ocean County Women in the Legislature: Struggle for Equality
               Ocean County: Four Centuries in the Making

    George Somerville
               The Lure of Long Beach

    Ralph K. Turp
Lacey Township: Its People and Its Growth (1978)
               West Jersey Under Four Flags (1975)

    Dick Updike
          Ocean County Historical Society

    Christopher Vaz (b. 1967)
Seaside Heights

    Frank Wainwright (1890-1980)
Scene Yesterday: An Anthology

    Erik Weber (b. 1980)
          Beachwood Historical Alliance
          Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission

          Ocean County Historical Society
          Riverside Signal Newspaper

Historic Buildings & Landmarks
    See various listings in Archive

    Fourth of July
    Ground Hog Day
    Memorial Day

    Tramps & Hobos

Hotels, Inns & Resorts
(list is not complete)

    Bay Head
        Chadwick Hotel
        Grenville Inn

    Berkeley Township
        Coach N Four Inn
        College Inn (also see Hotel Fires)
        Pinewald Villa (also see Hotel Fires)
        The Pines
        Royal Pines Hotel
        Pines Hotel (Barnegat Park) (see Hotel Fires)

    Brick Township
        Patterson Place Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)

    Eagleswood (West Creek)
        West Creek Hotel

    Island Heights
        Edgewater Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)
        Holiday House (also see Hotel Fires)

    Lacey Township
        Captain’s Inn
        Enos Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)
        Greyhound Inn (also see Hotel Fires)
        Laffayette House (also see Hotel Fires)
        Magahan Hotel Fire (see Hotel Fires)
        Murray Grove House (also see Hotel Fires)

    Lakehurst Borough
        Pine Tree Inn
        Roger’s Hotel

    Lakewood Township
        Bartlett Inn
        Carpenter Hall (also see Hotel Fires)
        Florence in the Pines
        Hotel Allaben (also see Hotel Fires)
        Hotel Grossman
        Hotel Light (also see Hotel Fires)
        Hotel Savoy (also see Hotel Fires)
        Hotel Traymore (see Hotel Fires)
        Lakewood Hotel
        Laurel House
        Laurel in the Pines (also see Hotel Fires)
        Lenox House
        Lexington Hotel
        Lincoln Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)
        Manhattan Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)
        Mansion in the Park Hotel
        Mansion in the Pines Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)
        New Irvington Lodge (also see Hotel Fires)
        Oak Court Hotel
        Palmer House
        Pinewald Hotel
        Pinewood Hotel (see Hotel Fires)
        Woodward Lodge Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)

    Lavallette Borough
        Crabs Claw Inn
        Hotel Leslie (also see Hotel Fires)

    Little Egg Harbor
        Sea Haven

    Long Beach Island
        Barnegat City
            Floating Hotel
            Haddock House
            Hotel Oceanic
            Social Hotel
            Sunset Hotel
        Beach Haven
            Acme Hotel
            Baldwin Hotel
            Bay View House
            Bonds Hotel-Long Beach House
            Engleside Hotel
            Hotel DeCrab
            Parry House Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)
            Ritas Hotel
            Sierra Hotel
        Harvey Cedars
             Harvey Cedars Hotel
        Surf City
            Cranmer-Hazelton Cottage
            Surf Hotel

    Manchester Township
        Keswick & Magnolia Hotel

        Albertson Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)

    Ocean Township
        Bayview Hotel
        Cedar Cove Inn
        Centennial Hotel
        Union House (also see Hotel Fires)

    Ortley Beach
        Ortley Inn (also see Hotel Fires)

    Pine Beach
        Pine Beach Inn

    Point Pleasant Beach Borough
        Amour Residential Hotel
        Maxson House Hotel
        Roma Inn
        St. James Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)

    Seaside Heights
        Aztec Motel

    Seaside Park
        Berkeley Arms
        Manhassett Hotel
        Seaside Park Hotel

    Toms River
        AA Motel
        Captain Kidd Inn
        Cedar Inn
        Dover House
        Econo Lodge
        Holiday Inn
        Howard Johnsons
        Lauria Hotel
        Magnolia House
        Marion Inn (also see Hotel Fires)
        Ocean House
        Old Dover House (see Hotel Fires)
        People’s Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)
        Riverside House
        Riverview Hotel (also see Hotel Fires)
        Riviera Hotel (see Hotel Fires)
        Toby’s Inn
        Cedars Motel

Human Interest Stories
        Mistaken Death
        Odd & Miscellaneous Stories
    Richard Stockton Effigy
    Poisoner Wife
    Rich Poor Man
    Insane Caveman
    Suicide Robin
    One-Armed Driver Alert
    Ronald McDonald Theft

Hunting, Guns & Weapons
    Deer Season
    Duck & Fowl Season
          Brant Season
          Woodcock Season
    Game Wardens (see Government)
    Hunting Clubs
        Carvel Island Gun Club
        High Bar Harbor Hunting Club
        Pehala Gunning Club
        Long Beach Gun Club
        The Cedars Gunning Lodge
        Turtle Cove Hunting Club
        Small Game Season
        Special Hunts
    Spring Guns
        Acton Bunnell


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