The Ocean County Compendium of  History
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Index I



Ice & Roller Skating Rinks

    Ice Skating
        Ice Palace Brick
        River & Pond Skating

    Roller Skating
        Manahawkin Roller Rink
        Jackson Roller Skating Center
        Beach Haven Roller Skate

    Census of Illegal Immigrants
    Illegal Immigrants (also see Ethnic Groups – Various)
    Migrant Workers
    New Citizens Sworn


    Basket Making
        George B. Horner

        Garthwaite’s Blacksmith Shop Lacey
        Village Blacksmith - Waretown

        Wright & Ireland Brickyard, Little Egg Harbor
        Gable J. VanNote Brickyard, Toms River

    Charcoaling & Colliers
        Double Trouble Mill
        Eliza Brown Murder
        Jackson Township

    Clay Works
        Crossley Clay Pits
        Union Clay Works

    Dynamite & Powder Mills
        Dynamite Explosions
            Ditmar’s Power Mill
            Dynamite Deaths
        Dynamite Mills
            Independent Powder Company
            US Dynamite Works
            Whitings Dynamite Works
        Dynamite Usage
            Dagoes & Dynamite
            Dynamite Gun
            Dynamite in West Creek
        Powder Mills
            duPont deNemour Powder Mill
        Talcum Powder Mills
            Talcum Powder Mill in South Toms River

    Forges & Kilns
        Asbury Bridge & Iron Works Lakehurst
        Bergen Iron Works & Washington Furnace
        Butchers Forge
        Colonial Forge
        Dover Forge
        Federal Furnace
        Ferrago Forge
        Goeller Iron Works Newark
        Lowell Works
        Stafford Forge
        Toms River Kiln
        Webbs Mill

    Glass & Stone Works
        Barnegat Glass Works

    Moss, Peat & Salt Hay

    Pine Barrens Industry

    Pitch Tar & Turpentine

        Herbertsville Indian Pottery
        Manasquan River Pottery
        Van Winkle Pottery

    Salt Haying

    Salt Works
        Coates Point Salt Works
        Colonial Salt Works of New Jersey
        Little Egg Harbor Salt Works
        Pennsylvania Salt Works
        Shelter Cove Salt Works at Toms River
        Thomas Potter Salt Works

    Saw & Grist Mills
        Allen’s Grist Mill
        Bamber Sawmill
        Beake’s Mill Jackson
        Colliers Mills
        Cornelius Grist & Saw Mill
        Double Trouble Saw Mill
        Falkenburgs Grist Mill South Toms River
        Francis Mill
        Hilliard’s Mill
        Horicon Mill
        Ivin’s Sawmill
        James Allen Mill
        Loyl’s Grist Mill
        Old Jackson Mill
        Randolph’s Mill
        Schanks Mill
        Tuckerton Grist Mill
        VanHise Saw Mill
        VanHorn Sawmill
        Seaweed Harvesting
Insurance & Realty
    Bailey’s Insurance Agency
    Century 21 Realtors
    Flood Insurance
    Galatian Real Estate
    John Hill Insurance Agency
    Martin Real Estate & Insurance Agency
    Mathis Insurance Agency
    Ocean County Title Company
    Red Carpet Reatly
    State Far Insurance
    WB Grant Insurance Agency

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

International Affairs

Inventors & Inventions
    James Hendrickson - Perpetual Motion Machine
    Christopher Lake – Submarine & Airplane Designer
    Simon Lake – Submarine Designer
    Sherman T. Matthews – Automobile Heater
    Charles P. Mills - Panoramic Camera

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