The Ocean County Compendium of  History
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Murders & Strange Deaths

Below you will find links to some of the numerous murders that took place in Ocean County since the late 1700s.

New Murder & Mysterious Deaths Stories

Murder & Mysterious Deaths Story Archive by Year

The Consequences of Murder: The Death of James I. Wainwright and the Innocence Lost (1884) (long version) (Steven J. Baeli)

The Murder of James I. Wainwright (1884) (short version) (Steven J. Baeli)

The Woman Who Died of Laughter (1901)

The Murder of Caleb Fithian (1901)

The Strangulation of the Belle of Tuckerton (1902) (Steven J. Baeli)

A Murder in West Creek (1905)

The Murder of Andrew Tilton (1908)

The Mystery of the Red-Headed Sailor (1914)

The Pasadena Murder-Suicide (1917) (Steven J. Baeli)

All Systems Failed: The Murder of Eddie Werner and the Failure of the American Juvenile Safety Net
  (1996) (Steven J. Baeli)

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