The Ocean County Compendium of  History
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One Room House in Bayville

This tiny, one-room house, originally a bungalow, was a square box with screened walls that were covered by hinged outer walls that could be raised to reveal the screens.

Nick Teibersky bought the house in the 1960s and installed solid walls and windows for a more permanent structure with the help of his Bulgarian friends.  Nick had fled Bulgaria during a period of revolution after World War II, which was communist at the time, something Nick fought against.

While living in the house, Nick dated Bertha Martin for many years, a nurse who worked with him at the Bayview Convalescent Center in Pinewald, not far from the bungalow.  Nick first drove a van for that establishment picking up the people who worked there, but had later had an accident in the van and started running the elevator.

Nick and Bertha both died in the 1980s.

This story was told to Judy Sailing by her sister, whose mother-in-law was Bertha Martin.  Judy related the story to Steven J. Baeli on May 22, 2010, via a Facebook conversation.

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